Text: Johanne Bakken Moe
Photo: Erik Bloch

Andreas Grimstad​

Leader Andreas Grimstad says that it was the clever Hareid rovers who built “The Barn”, which is 20 meters long, three meters tall and six meters wide. The rovers who constructed the house came a few hours before their group, and spent in total seven hours building their construction. Today, the rovers had to prioritize getting their beauty sleep, but leader Andreas is more than happy to tell us about “The Barn”.

The building has four rooms, one for the rovers, and three for the scouts. In total, more than 30 people sleep inside, but Andreas thinks it could fit up to 60 scouts sleeping there at the same time. “The Barn”, which is built with five thick supporting beams, consists of around 35 pioneering poles. The builders lost track of the number when lashing the poles.

The rover whistle in “The Barn”. “The Barn” consist of four dormitories.

Long tradition

Andreas has been a scout for 25 years. He can tell that as far as he can remember, the group has always built “The Barn” on camp. He can remember one time they built “The Barn” in a semi-circle with a centre square. It drew attention. The Hareid Scouts will probably continue building “The Barn” in the future, but the group has not always had such a safe future.

Five years ago, the group almost ceased to be. Only rovers and leaders were left in the group. When a leader wanted to close down the group, enthusiasts like old scouts, outdoor enthusiasts and parents decided to revive the group. They succeeded, and today they have 21 scouts at the camp.

The Bivouac Andreas Grimstad is sleeping in. A bivouac is some sort of lean-to. 

Prefer “The Barn”

Building “The Barn” is a completely normal thing in the Hareid Scout group, there is no camp without it. Andreas himself lives in a bivouac, a solid shed made of pioneering poles and tarpaulin. “The Barn” is reserved for the younger ones. The scouts have tried to sleep in tents, but “The Barn” or a bivouac is more popular. Andreas explains:

- The scouts have lived in tents before, but they would like to do as the rovers, and build and live inside “The Barn” too. Our scouts look up to the rovers a lot.

On local hikes that last more than one night, the scouts build their own bivouacs out of trees they cut down in the area. The leaders in Hareid believes this is great training for rover life. Once the scouts become rovers, it is their turn to continue the tradition with “The Barn”.