Text: Astrid-Amalie Hetland
Photo: Marcus Heed Langnes

You might think that you only meet scouts from Norway at a national jamboree, but this is not the case. At Futura, there are participants from eleven different countries.

Inas, Nurin and Puteri (all 16) are three of our foreign scouts. They have travelled all the way from Malaysia together with nine other scouts, four leaders and a rover, but their journey to Norway did not work out as planned.

- We had to get three different flights, but the last one was cancelled, says Puteri.

- Yes, we had to wait for many hours at the airport because they did not know how to help us get to our destination, Nurin continues.

- In the end we had to take a bus from Oslo to Trondheim and another bus to camp, Inas explains.

They were supposed to have arrived at the camp Saturday afternoon, but due to the cancelled flight, they did not arrive until early Sunday morning. As they arrived in camp later than everyone else, they have not had time to finish building their campsite yet.

- We usually build our campsite the way you do in Norway, but we use bamboo sticks as building materials. It is a lot more difficult to build with pioneering poles made from trees, Nurin explains.

The scouts arrived in camp late, and therefore their campsite is still under construction.

Similar scouting

Scouting is quite similar in Norway and Malaysia. The scouts usually spend their meetings earning badges. The camps and jamborees are also quite similar. Scouts like to trade badges, but Malaysian scouts are not used to trading neckers.

The food, however, is very different here. Inas tells us that when they are at home, they eat a lot of rice and strong food. The food here is more British. The weather is also different here.

Malaysia is a hot country, and the girls think it is lovely that it is a little colder here even though it is a little too cold in the evenings. They are also not used to the light evenings and nights yet.

- But it does not matter because we manage to sleep anyway, the girls say, looking at each other.

Fun at a Jamboree

Even though it is still early in the Jamboree week, they have already done a lot of activities. The girls agree that activities are among the best things at camp, but they also like that everyone is very polite and helpful. They also think that it is clean here and that little rubbish is lying around the campsite.

- The landscapes are beautiful. The view from the campsite is great. The colors are so strong and clear. There is so much green and blue here! The girls talk over each other when they mention this, and they are looking forward to the rest of the camp.

The other nations present at Futura are Australia, Belgium, Denmark, The Faeroe Islands, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.