Good morning, 

Distinguished guests, dear Scouts and Guides

It is a great pleasure for me to be here with you for Futura and I bring warm greetings from your more than 50 million fellow Scouts from around the world. 

Today, a remarkable tent city has risen from the ground here. You have constructed what will be your home, your playground and your classroom for the week. 

The tent City is a place where a wonderful programme of activities will inspire you and challenge you; where you’ll work in small teams, make new friends, help other people and learn more about yourself too. 

All of you here are here at Futura because you believe in the future of Scouting and Guding. It is a Movement that changes the lives of young people, their families and communities, in villages, towns and cities across Norway and around the world. It is a Movement that is both local and global at the same time, united by a set of common values that guide us and an amazing programme of great activites that define us. 

You’re here because you know the real power of this Movement in creating a better world. 

And this is your Movement. A Movement you’re part of. A Movement you’re shaping; a Movement you’re changing; a Movement that you are helping to grow, for the future. 

When we look at what is happening in the world, it heps us understand why the world needs Scounting and Guiding more than ever. We can see that our Mission has never been more vital. 

Then we see what’s wrong in the world, as Scouts and Guides we instinctively want to make things right. As Scouts and Guides, we are prepared, trained and ready to take action; to shape and change the future. 

But Scouting and Guding needs to be shaped and be changed too because that is the very essence of being a Movement. As Baden-Powell once said: 

“It is a movement, because it moves forward. As soon as it stops moving, it becomes an organization and is no longer Scouting.”

Dear Scouts, dear Guides
My challenge to you over these coming days is to have the most amazing time at Futura in this new tent city that you’ve created. User your time to thing about the future; thing about what you can do to bring more young people in to Scouting and Guding across Norway; what more you can do to provice the youth of today with an education for live – because the world needs more Scouts and Guides. 

Let us recommit to doing our duty, to hep other people. Let us recommit to creating a better world. 

Let us, each and every one of us, be the change that we want to see in the world. 

Thank you. 

Foto: Erik Bloch