Foreign guide- and scout troops will be given their bracelets upon arrival at the check-in desk. Each participant then charges their bracelet via the Internet ( or by using credit card at one of the camp sites’ cashless top-up stations. If there is money left on the bracelet when the camp is over, the amount can be refunded to an account in a foreign bank. For detailed information go to and press the English flag.


Participants who are enrolled as day-to-day payers will not get the cashless-bracelet included in the camp fee, but it is possible to buy this at the camp’s service centre upon arrival. It will also be possible for guests to buy bracelets at the camp’s service centre.


Payment is made by holding the bracelet against the check-out counter following instructions from the staff. Every time you pay for something, you will be able to see the amount left on the cash register display. Should you run out of money during the camp, there are different ways to recharge the bracelet:

  • Charge through the web page from a mobile phone/tablet. Parents can charge from home provided they have user name and password for their child’s account.
  • Consult the camp’s service centre and charge via bank cards at the cashless top-up stations.