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All use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited on the camp ground. This prohibition remains in force for all participants at the Jamboree including leaders and staff outside the camp ground during the Jamboree. Infringements may result in repatriation at your own expense.

At Futura there will be no dedicated bible classes. Preaching, Scout ideology, community involvement and entertainment is grouped in shows linked to the themes of the day. 

During the week you will see the Blop Planet emerge. The units will attach their blop to the planet during the Jamboree. The Blop Planet will be located by the Scouts’ store. Remember to bring your blop to the camp!

One scout from each group will fasten your blop to the blop planet at a designated time depending on where in the camp you’re staying. Please check with your neighbouring group which area you belong to. The blop planet is 5 metres tall, so please send a scout who is comfortable climbing high. 

Sunday 16.30–18.30: Asker og Bærum, Bjørgvin, Buskerud, Finnmark, Helgeland.
Tuesday 16.00–18.00: Nordre Nordland,  Hedmark og Oppland, Rogaland, Sunnmøre.
Wednesday 14.00–16.00: Haugaland, Nord­møre og Romsdal, Oslo, Romerike, Sogn og Fjordane. 
Wednesday 16.00–18.00: Agder, Telemark, Troms, Trøndelag, Vestfold, Østfold.
Thursday 16.00–1730: Extra time.

Outside these times, one may only fasten blops from ground level. 

Money from bottle returns goes to Y Global. We encourage everybody to donate their empty bottles to this project. You will find bottle return points by the kiosks.

The Futura Café will have opening hours from 11.00 to 23.00. During certain events it will be closed for service. At the café you may pop by for a snack, cold and warm dishes. There will also be a WiFi network available.

There will be three different challenges: a Camp challenge, a Patrol leader challenge and
a Rover challenge. They are all found in the jamboree information card. You can pick up the challenge badge at the Service center once you’ve completed the challenge and received your leader’s signature.

Construction may only begin on Friday 29. June at 16.00. For security reasons one may not start earlier.

At Futura there will be two main camp fires one at the opening evening and one at the closing evening. I addition there will be shows with entertainment link to the theme of the day. While the scouts are on Hike, extend an hand to your neighbors and other and host a camp fire with them.

Immediately next to the groups fireplace there must be at least one 10 liter bucket with water. In addition a 6kg fire extinguisher must be readily at hand. Large bonfires must be pre-approved by the Guard and transpor-tation unit.

The camp is divided into two camp grounds. This division tells you when you are going to the different activities such as creative acti-vity, hike and Patrol leaders’ city challenge.


  • Agder
  • Haugaland
  • Nordmøre og Romsdal
  • Oslo
  • Romerike
  • Sogn og Fjordane
  • Telemark
  • Troms
  • Trøndelag
  • Vestfold
  • Østfold
  • Asker og Bærum
  • Bjørgvin
  • Buskerud
  • Finnmark
  • Helgeland
  • Nordre Nordland
  • Hedmark og Oppland
  • Rogaland
  • Sunnmøre

All purchases must be made with the cashless bracelet.

Cashless Bracelet: All Jamboree participants will receive a cashless bracelet. Participants on day tariff will not receive a bracelet, but may acquire one at the Jamboree’s Service Center upon arrival. Visitors may also acquire bracelets at the Service Center.

Cashless charging: The participants fill up their bracelet via internet prior to their depar-ture to the Jamboree. Should one run out of funds on the bracelet, one may recharge by different ways:

  • Recharge via the website using a smart phone or tablet
  • Parents may recharge from home using the internet
  • Fill up at the Service Center using a terminal and a debit card

Cashless refund: In order to receive refund on remaining funds on your bracelet, attend a recharging station and get a refund receipt. Guard this receipt until you get home. A tip here is to take a photo of the receipt and the number on your cashless bracelet, should you lose either. Use the code on the receipt and you bracelet number to obtain your re-fund via bank transfer on 

Near the service Center you may top up your cashless bracelet and charge your phone. Phone charging costs NOK 10. Opening hours are 08.00–10.00 and 16.00–18.00.

There will be two church services during the Jamboree. The Church Service for Friends-hip, the Scouts and Guides Own, will be held on the Sunday at 10.00. The church service for friendship will take place at a suitable place on your group’s area or another sui-table site. Do invite your neighboring group, another group or join in with groups in your geographic area. The church service for friendship will start at the same time all over the Jamboree ground. It will be kicked-off by church bells over the PA system.

Monday evening at 19.00 a communion service will be held for all scouts at the Jam-boree. For more information see Communion Church Service.

Prior to departure your camp ground must be tidied up, all holes filled. Prior to departure you must receive clearance from a member of the technical committee.

Monday evening at 19.00 a communion service will be held for all scouts at the Jam-boree. It will take place from the main stage. There will only be one Communion Church Service at Futura 2018. The bread served will be gluten free.

There will be staff at hand in the Jamboree Church should you wish to talk to someone.

A defibrillator is located at the Infirmary. The Infirmary is located close to the Guard central, in the school building. There will be personnel present at all times that are qualified to operate the defibrillator.

No dismantling to start prior to the final camp fire on Friday 6 July. A dismantling order will be issued.

It is not permitted to have dogs staying on the camp ground. This precaution is to accommodate children that are scared of dogs, people with allergies and camp hygiene especially related to primitive storage of food. However, in the Staff camp you may bring a dog. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Unfortunately you may not bring the dog to group camps, the activity grounds or other places one may gather. Exceptions are made for service dogs and lead dogs. They must be kept on a lead and one should be able to present written documentation that the cani-ne has required vaccination. All dogs must be registered with an application.

Driving motor vehicles is prohibited on the camp ground. Only exceptions are necessary driving accredited by the Guard and transpor-tation unit.

There is a zero tolerance on alcohol and drug use. This prohibition remains in force for all participants at the Jamboree including leaders and staff outside the camp ground during the Jamboree. Infringements may result in repatriation at your own expense.

Each group should appoint an Environmental Manager to manage the sorting for waste recycling. See Recycling.

An evacuation of the camp ground may be initiated by the crisis response team in coope-ration with policed or fire department should it become necessary.

An evacuation will be announced in the following manner:

  • Continuous ringing with the church bells
  • Announcements over the PA system

The groups will gather in their area and march in an orderly fashion to the main stage area. The group leader must be able to acco-unt for all members of hers/his group. Announcements on how to proceed will be made from the stage. It is of uttermost importance to remain calm and care for the scouts.

Each evening at 22.45 there will be a short evening prayer at the Jamboree Church with reading of the scripture, prayer and a hymn.

Look us up on Facebook: Futura 2018. Like and share all our updates.

All unit areas shall have at least one 6kg fire extinguisher with at least category A, B and C. The fire extinguisher must have been con-trolled during the last two years. A fire blanket is also strongly recommended.

The distance between groups must be at least 3 meters. Tents with an oven must be at least 3 meters apart. Fireplaces must be at least 3 meters away from tents.

In case of fires that you are not able to put out, call the fire department at 110.

Fire wood for cooking and small camp fires, may be fetched next to the pioneering pole stacks.

All groups are to bring along their own first aid kits. Minor injuries should be handled by the groups themselves. Larger injuries may be dealt with at the Infirmary. The Infirmary is located in the same building as the Guard central. The Infirmary will have at least one qualified nurse present at all times. The infir-mary’s phone numbers are (+47) 93677825 and (+47) 93677835. In an emergency: call 113 for medical emergency and ambulance service.

During the Futura food Day we will explore food of the future. Maybe you will taste something new?

The Food Hall (Lånkehallen) is located behind the Jamboree centers. Opening hours are 07.00–23.00. During certain events it will be closed for service. Dinner ingredients may be picked up from 15.30 and on-wards.  Please read carefully all instructions in the Food Hall. The first distribution will be on Saturday, June 30th at 14.00, when dinner  ingredients may be collected. The last dis-tribution will be on the Saturday, July 7th at 10.00, when the food distribution closes.

Groups arriving early and that have pre-or-dered food for Friday evening and Satur-day morning, may pick it up at the central storage. There will only be bread and bread spread available. For capacity reasons, allergy requests may not be considered at this distribution. Opening hours are Friday 18.30-22.30 and Saturday 07.30-12.00. Please note that there will be transportation activities including large vehicles at these hours. Please do not dispatch young scouts unsupervised by an adult leader or Rover, for these collections. The food card handed out at check-in must be presented at food collection.

At check-in there will be a briefing on food distribution and collection. At the storage please only pick up the required amounts of food, food is better stored in this facility than it the camps.

Should one wish to order birthday cakes and the like, please note that this will carry an additional cost. The may be pre-ordered in the large kiosk at least 48 hours prior to deli-very. Payment must be settled when ordering and only a leader may place such an order. Please present the receipt when collecting the cake.

For more information see Matboken which is available on-line and onsite at the Service Center.

Pick another scout group and experience a fun camp fire with them.

Grease traps are permitted. At the end of the Jamboree, they must be restored, so soil and peat must be stored. The grease trap should be 50 to 60 cm deep. The grass on top of the traps must be changed daily.

The Guard Central is manned at all times. It is located in the same building as the infirmary. The phone number is (+47) 98065418. For major incidents and fire, call the Fire Depart-ment on 110 or the Police on 112.

The Jamboree’s homepage is

Visitors may spend the night at the Hotelt where they will sleep in a tent on a cot. Sleeping bag must be brought along. The price for one night including breakfast is NOK 250, see more here. 

Please refer to the House Rules, which you will find on your jamboree information card.
Remember to wash your hands regularly and especially before eating and after visits to the toilets. Do brush your teeth morning and evening. You should wash yourself at least once during the Jamboree.

See First aid.
Please tag all Instagram photos with #futura2018 and #kmspeider. That will allow us to see how much fun you are having. Follow @Futura2018 in order to be updated at all times. Do remember to ask permission prior to publishing photos of others.
At the Jamboree there will be scouts and guides from more than 20 countries. Take the opportunity to get new friends from all over the world. We encourage Norwegian scouts to ask our international guests for tips on what to consider when traveling abroad. Please share your best insider tips from your country, and inform each other about upcoming events and jamborees! What about finding a group to befriend and invite to your country?
All main events will have simultaneous interpretation. It will be broadcasted on a FM frequency. Important information will be available in English.

On Friday 6 July from 13.00–15.00 Futura will host an inventor’s fair. We encourage the groups to carry out activities linked to Futura like food of the future, experiments, recycling, repairing of equipment, inventing new equ-ipment for hiking, in other words, things that will lead the scouts into the future.
All groups may make money on their activities to be donated to Y Global and the YWCA- YMCA solidarity and aid organization project “A World Without Poverty”.
Construction of activities etc. may start at 12.00. Please make special requests in ad-vance should you need something extra. More information about the project will be distributed during the Jamboree.
Thanks to these volunteer scouts without whom we would not be able to arrange the Jamboree. They have had their tasks organi-zed by IST leaders. 
One may retire here for some time to reflect alone and with the Lord.
The Jamboree band is called Funky Futurista and has come together for this Jamboree.
The title is Finne – Forme – Forandre, which translates to Find – Shape – Change. The song is written by Marthe Wang and Øyvind Skjerdal and recorded by the Jamboree Band Funky Futurista. The lyrics (in Norwegian) are found in your Jamboree information card and in this article
Opening hours are 12.00–18.00. The large kiosk has opening hours 12.00–20.00 and 22.00–23.00. During certain events the kiosks may be closed for service. There are three kiosks on the camp ground selling: mineral water and sodas, chocolate, potato chips and ice creams. The large kiosk will also provide a limited supply of hygiene articles, tooth brushes, tooth paste, dishwashing fluid etc.
Should you lose something or find something you think somebody else has lost, come by the Service Center for help. You may make someone’s day!
At all time there will be a medical doctor on call. The medical doctor may be reached via the Infirmary. The Infirmary is located in the same building as the Guard central.
See Matboken to be found via an App or on the webpage.
Mobile phones and the like must be switched off during gatherings and program activities. PLEASE look after your phone and other valuables.
Each morning at 07.00 there will be a short morning prayer at the Jamboree Church with reading of the scripture, prayer and a hymn.
Be advised that you should use bug repellent in the evenings. Do remember to bring bug repellent on the Hike.
There will be a nurse present at all times in the infirmary.
There will be long term parking available.
All constructions must be properly designed and have necessary dimensions to last the Jamboree and withstand the rigors of the Jamboree. All construction higher than 3 meters must be approved by the Guard and transportation unit and the fire service.
Located in the heart of the Jamboree with opening hours 11.00-18.00 every day from Sunday to Friday. You may visit it should you have some time to spare, wish to make new friends, have questions about the YWCA- YMCA Guides and Scouts of Norway or need a book to read. There will be activities for scouts and guides of all ages, games and play things on loan, an escape room, an open stage, card games, evaluation activities, help to schedule a semester, morning yoga, trails with different themes. Will you be able to find where the Golden Blop is hidden today and qualify for the exclusive Golden Blop Badge? Come by to check out today’s program, chat with us or just hang out and feel the atmosphere.
After the Long Tone at 23.00, there shall be silence on the camp ground.
Waste will be divided and recycled according to these categories:
  • Food
  • Glass and metal
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard including drinks cardboard
Bags for waste food will be distributed at the food delivery. All waste to be delivered to the waste collection points. Please see the map.
Wake up time is 07.30.

Will start Sunday at 11.30 at the main stage. Please attend for a great opening show. After the opening show each patrol leader will pick up their case of experiments. You will be told where to pick it up.

Carry out your experiments in your patrol area. Take shelter if it is raining.

400 scouts are going to learn through explo-ration! Through experiments and games the scouts will see how the forces of natu-re change and shape landforms and they will discover the fun of experimenting and exploring. The goal is to make every scout a researcher. The science center encourages curiosity, innovation, creativity, knowledge and sustainable management, and we chal-lenge everyone to change his or her mindset. It is impossible to visit the science center without learning at least one new thing, and learning is made fun. Futura’s own science center is in a separate tent near the service center.

These are to be worn at all times to identify the Jamboree participants.

Due to the location of the camp site, there will be extra security measures and demands on the Guard unit. Security is taken very seriously. Leaders will be requested to take guard rounds, traffic and parking duty and security during the large events at the Jamboree. You will receive a request for such a duty. However, you should not have to do more than one watch unless you want to.

The Service Center (Servicetorget) is the administration hub of the Jamboree and it is located in a tent on the main square.

The phone number to the Jamboree is (+47) 412 65 520 and it is manned at the Service Center. Several crucial tasks will be handled by the Service Center volunteers. Inquiries to the various agencies are to be placed at the Service Center. The Service Center Staff has access to all agencies and senior management of the Jamboree. Your inquiry will be swiftly delivered to the right person who will follow up in due course.

All changes to participation, payments, etc. are to be directed to the Service Center.
The Service Center handles Lost & Found. Opening hours are 09.00 – 23.00.

Each leader will receive 2 vouchers that may be used during the week. You may purchase additional ones at the Service Center. The showers are at the school below the gym. 

Smoking is not permitted on the camp ground or in its proximity. This proscription applies to all Jamboree participants and visitors.

Norges KFUK-KFUM-speidere (The YWCA-YMCA Guides and Scouts of Norway) has their own Snapchat. Add us by taking a pictu-re of our Snapchat Spook on your Jamboree card or look up kmspeider. Please share your photos. Do remember to ask permission prior to publishing photos of others.

The stamp bank will sell stamps to Jamboree participants. The stamp bank is located in the Café tent, near the Scouts’ museum.

The unit leader is responsible for all trips involving swimming. The leader must be at least 18 years old, must be a swimmer and know basic water rescue.

Leave the toilet after use in the state you would like to find it!

Is located in the same tent as the Café and is open daily 11.00-18.00.

The Scouts’ store (Speiderbutikken) is open daily from 11.00–19.00 and 21.00–23.00.The store sells uniforms, hiking and camp equipment, Futura merchandise etc.

We encourage everybody to handle waste in an environmentally friendly way. Make a recycling station in your group area, and bring waste to the recycling points daily. See Recycling.

You may only fetch water at the water posts. In order to maintain a best possible hygiene
at the Jamboree, you should not wash or brush your teeth at the water posts.